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CD No: SWR-16019
Release Date: 2017/02/14
Format: 1CD

The latest release of MovieScore Media is Vietnam’s official submission to the 2016 Academy Awards and comes courtesy of Christopher Wong (Journey from the Fall, The Rebel). Directed by Victor Vu, Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass is based on a novel that takes place in the late 1980s, telling the tale of 12-year old Thieu and his 7-year old brother Tuong whose life gets complicated when a girl starts to break up the bond between them. The film is the highest grossing drama in Vietnamese cinematic history and is the country’s official submission to the Best Foreign Language Film category of the Academy Awards - it also marks the tenth collaboration between Victor Vu and composer Christopher Wong.

“This is the first drama we have worked on together since First Morning, Victor’s debut feature made almost 15 years ago.” recalls Wong about the score. “In returning to making a drama with a more artistic and less commercial style, we had to unlearn some of the instincts we’d developed in making thrillers. We had to trust that a slower pace would let the character interactions breathe a bit more, and that simplicity in the style was something to be embraced, particularly because the characters were children living a humble life in the countryside. I felt the style of the film afforded the opportunity to write a lyrical, melody driven orchestral score, which is the mode that I enjoy working in the most. -MOVIESCORE MEDIA

Track List

1 The Green Grass 2:13
2 Guilty Rain 1:22
3 Past The Forbidden Tree 2:30
4 The Fable 2:30
5 Grumpy Teacher 2:12
6 Dear Brother 2:12
7 Fishing, Administration and Envy 3:53
8 Flooded 2:19
9 Running Away 1:55
10 Moon Moves 2:21
11 The Days Ahead 3:16
12 The Princess and the Prince 1:53
13 Walking Again 1:15
14 Remembering Dad 1:44
15 The Matter of Loving You 2:53
16 Thang Cuoi 5:09