2. BLOOD+ Original Soundtrack 2

BLOOD+ Original Soundtrack 2

Price(USD): $36.30

CD No: SVWC-7387
Release Date: 2006/09/27
Format: 1CD

Second original soundtrack to the hyper action battle road anime series by Production IG of INNOCENCE and GHOST IN THE SHELL. Music produced by Hans Zimmer and music by Mark Mancina! Including music used at the battle music scene and more!

Track List

1. The Vampires' Conspiracy
2. RUN!
3. Isolation
4. Twisted Tension
5. BLOOD+ Shock
6. BLOOD+ Attack
7. Saya's Joy
8. BLOOD+ Red Herring
9. The Red Shield
10. Infiltration
11. Squaring Off
12. Fear The Change
13. Violent Vampires
14. Saya's Fear
15. Saya's Lonliness
16. Witness the Vampires
17. Diva Awakens
18. Saya's Battle Theme
19. Diva (instrumental version)