2. ROMA VIOLENTA (Complete) (2LP Red Vinyl)

ROMA VIOLENTA (Complete) (2LP Red Vinyl)

Price(USD): $36.80

Release Date: 2017/06/22
Format: 2LP

NOW AVAILABLE ON SUPER LIMITED RED VINYL 2LP! We’ve been waiting years for the complete re-issue of this masterpiece. This is the complete original soundtrack (with all the outtakes) for one of the most iconic Italian ‘polizzioteschi’, the local answer to the Charles Bronson/Clint Eastwood mania of the 1970s. Written by the brothers De Angelis, the score alternates between killer funk grooves and more laidback instrumentals. For the very first time available as a double gatefold LP with original artwork and film stills. Can’t miss it!
Shipping Charge for 7 discs applied.
Release Date: 2017.6.22.

Track List

Side A:
A1 The other face 1’26’’ A2 The reason of a just war 1’45’’ A3 The reason of a just war 2’43’’ A4 The other face 1’22’’ A5 The punitive justice 2’41’’ A6 Gangster story 5’58’’

Side B:
B1 Casa di moda 4’22’’ B2 The punitive justice 2’02’’ B3 Undercover investigation 1’25’’ B4 The reason of a just war 1’29’’ B5 The other face 2’31’’ B6 The reason of a just war 1’29’’ B7 The reason of a just war 2’90’’

Side C:
C1 Undercover investigation 1’32’’ C2 Chicca 6’13’’ C3 The reason of a just war 2’37’’ C4 Sliding crime 3’43’’

Side D:
D1 The punitive justice 1’56’’ D2 Undercover investigation 1’14’’ D3 Revening a friend 1’48’’ D4 The punitive justice 1’59’’ D5 The reason of a just war 2’36’’ D6 The reason of a just war 3’00’’