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CD No: STLC-045
Release Date: 2022/03/30
Format: 1CD

[ARK SOUNDTRACK SQUARE exclusive] The world premier release of the original soundtrack featuring songs and background music from the 1980 TV drama "Miracle Girl"!
"Miracle Girl" is a Toei-produced action drama along the lines of "Playgirl" and "The Supergirl". Starring Kaoru Yumi in the lead role, the film depicts the activities of seven female detectives (Miracle Girls) belonging to the detective agency "Office Miracle" with a light touch.
Music by Takeo Watanabe of "Lone Wolf and Cub", "Lady Georgie" and "Mobile Suite Gundam". The film's brilliant sounds, including stylish music using an electric piano and Hammond organ, dynamic action music, and lyrical music typical of Takeo Watanabe, enlivened the activities of the female detectives.

This album contains digitally mastered rare sound recordings from surviving music tapes, and all BGM is being released for the first time! Also including two theme songs, "Me and Women" and "Sexy Tonight," sung by Kaoru Yumi.
The booklet includes a music commentary, data on the film, a BGM list, a music list written by Takeo Watanabe, the melody score of the theme song, and other valuable images!
(Open to the public for a limited period of one year from the date of publication)

Track List

49 tracks