2. SFX GIANT LEGEND: LINE 30th Anniversary Song

SFX GIANT LEGEND: LINE 30th Anniversary Song

Price(USD): $14.90

CD No: STLC-040
Release Date: 2019/08/19
Format: 1CD

[ARK SOUNDTRACK SQUARE exclusive] Brand new song composed by Chumei Watanabe. His first work in new "Reiwa" era! He wrote songs for 30th anniversary of Tokusatsu Hero "SFX GIANT LEGEND: LINE" born in 1989. This CD features eleven tracks in total contains seven vocal songs, Instrumental versions, and Karaoke versions. Release Date: 2019.8.19

Track List

01. Atsui Umi kara kita OtokoAtsui Umi kara Kita Otoko
02. astromancer
03. Atsui Umi kara Kita Otoko-Asrock Version-
04. astromancer~MIRAI Dreaming~
05. astromancer〈Masako Watanabe Solo Version〉
06. astromancer〈Minami Taga Solo Version〉
07. Atsui Umi kara Kita Otoko〈Live Version〉
08. Atsui Umi kara Kita Otoko〈Instrumental Version〉
09. astromancer〈Instrumental Version〉
10. Atsui Umi kara Kita Otoko〈Off Vocal Version〉
11. astromancer〈Off Vocal Version〉