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CD No: STC-77137
Release Date: 2023/04/07
Format: 1CD

Original soundtrack from Frank Lloyd actioner with James Cagney, set in thirties Japan. Reissue.

Cagney is a crusading newspaper editor in 1930s Japan who's come into possession of the 'Tanaka Plan' for world domination. Amidst political intrigue and crossed loyalties, Cagney must now find a way to warn the outside world.

A fine, entertaining melodrama that's based in fact, with Cagney as good as ever, but this time with judo chops. If only the Japanese knew some kind of hand-to-hand combat, they might be able to stand a chance against Cagney.

Blood on the Sun never slacks its pace, providing quick-witted patter all along in the mark of the classic Hollywood style. It seems peculiarly American (in an inadvertent way, of course) that in the film's final moments the day should be saved by none other than Ward Cleaver (Hugh Beaumont).

Drawn from 1945 acetate source material so anticipate archival sound. Music is colorful, replete with florid orientalisms, angular main theme, sonorous love theme, more. Miklos Rozsa conducts.

CD also has assortment of six Rozsa film themes arranged by Gregg Nestor and composer for guitar plus 'Notturno' from THE KILLERS & BRUTE FORCE arranged for sax with piano.

Final offering finds themes from BEN-HUR, KING OF KINGS arranged for organ, chorus.

Track List

Blood On The Sun
1. Main Title (2:42)
2. Japanese Tea Garden (2:23)
3. Tokyo Tea Room Waltz (1:46)
4. Together Again (2:51)
5. Prelude to Death / Hara-Kiri (3:05)
6. Love Scene (1:46)
7. Doubtful Moment (:50)
8. Tokyo Carnival (1:40)
9. Dangerous Love (2:06)
10. Tatsugi's Death and The Fight (5:38)
11. The Perilous Block (2:31)
12. Finale (2:39)

Suite: Film Waltzes and Themes
Performed by Gregg Nestor, Guitar; Ralph Gari, Saxophone; John Rarig, Piano

13. Tokyo Tea Room Waltz
from Blood on the Sun (1:49)
14. The Boar House Waltz
from A Woman's Vengeance 2:08)
15. Twilight's Waltz from Providence (3:54)
16. Waltz of the Happy Idiot
from Tip On a Dead Jockey (2:04)
17. Main Theme from Green Fire (2:00)
18. Bouree from Moonfleet (2:23)
19. Notturno
from The Killers and Brute Force (4:30)

Suite for Chorus and Orchestra

20. The Christ Theme from Ben-Hur (2:07)
21. Main Theme from King of Kings (2:36)