2. RIDGE RACER Remix -30th Anniv. Sounds- (2CD)

RIDGE RACER Remix -30th Anniv. Sounds- (2CD)

Price(USD): $26.50

Label: Super Sweep(JPN)
CD No: SRNS-2005
Release Date: 2024/07/05
Format: 2CD

30th Anniversary Edition of "RIDGE RACER"! RIDGE RACER" was released by Namco (now Namco Bandai Entertainment) in 1993 as a racing game for arcades. Even 30 years later, this classic title continues to captivate fans around the world. Now, a 2-CD album featuring REMIX (club music arrangement) of the music of "RIDGE RACER" will be released to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the game. DISC1 features the music of "RIDGE RACER" and "RIDGE RACER 2" composers Sampling Masters MEGA, Sampling Masters AYA, sanodg, and J99, as well as Hiroshi Okubo [BNRI], who has provided music for the "RIDGE RACER" series. Okubo [BNRI], Yuu Miyake, Rio Hamamoto [BNSI], LindaAI-CUE [BNSI], Mihmei [BNSI] and Sho Okada [BNSI], who are working on "Ridge Sound" for the first time. In addition, DISC2 features a team of world-renowned track makers, including REMO-CON, HIROSHI WATANABE, Ryu , BUBBLE-B, kors k, Nhato, Hommarju, The LASTTRAK, and Spinnage, all of whom are highly trusted by club DJs. The booklet includes the title "NAMCO SAMCO". The booklet contains comments from the members of "NAMCO SAMPLING MASTERS", including their memories of the development period and their gratitude to the fans. Comes in a sleeve case. [Machine Translation]
Release Date: 2024.7.5