2. COWBOY BEBOP Soundtrack from the Netflix Series -Extended

COWBOY BEBOP Soundtrack from the Netflix Series -Extended

Price(USD): $26.30

CD No: SRML-1037
Release Date: 2021/12/08
Format: 1CD

The original soundtrack from the live-action Netflix series "Cowboy Bebop" which will finally be distributed exclusively on Netflix worldwide from November 19 (Fri.), 2021. Continuing from the original anime, the music was composed by Yoko Kanno and performed by Sheet Belts. The album contains many original songs written for the live-action version, as well as updated versions of songs used in the original anime and newly recorded special versions under the direction of Yoko Kanno.

Track List

1. The Usual Fools
2. TANK!(FlixMix)
3. Kickin'Colt
4. Cat Attack Part 1
5. Net Rush
6. Bye Mel
7. Meet my Mom
8. Rooftop Kung-Fu
9. Milky Cheat
10. Blood Brothers
11. Woodcock
12. Santo City
13. Bad Company Blues
14. Julia's Song
15. The Fate of Three
16. Lord Of The Empty
17. Birdcaged
18. Waltz in High Socks
19. Fother Muckers
20. Chasin'
21. ANA's at 3am
22. Funky Stuff
23. Afterglow
24. The Adventures of Losers
25. Opera Lomi Lomi
26. Beans Be