2. TETRIS THE GRAND MASTER Trilogy Sound Masters


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Label: Super Sweep(JPN)
CD No: SRIN-1191
Release Date: 2023/10/20
Format: 1CD

At last! The soundtracks of the three titles in the "TGM" series. Tetris the Grandmaster (TGM)" series is one of the most popular puzzle games in the world, especially among advanced players. The BGM is composed by "Shinji Hosoe" and "Ayako Sasou" to make the moment of challenge the best experience possible. The techno sound-based music has a fashionable atmosphere, but it also gives you a sense of elation that makes it hard to stay calm, and it is a pleasure to listen to. Tetris The Grandmaster Trilogy - Sound Masters" also includes two new arrangements by Shinji Hosoe. We hope you will enjoy the new "TGM" sound, which is an arrangement of the themes from "TA" and "TI". [In addition to the original BGM of the following three titles in the "TGM" series, two new arrangements are also included. Tetris The Grandmaster / Tetris The Absolute The Grandmaster 2 (TA) / Tetris The Grandmaster 3 -Terror Instinct- (TI) *The sound quality is the same as in the game.
Release Date: 2023.10.20