2. APPLESEED Complete Version (2CD+DVD) (Limited)

APPLESEED Complete Version (2CD+DVD) (Limited)

Price(USD): $60.30

Label: SONY(JPN)
CD No: SRCP-368
Release Date: 2004/03/24
Format: 3CD

Soundtrack album to the movie animation APPLESEED based on the book by Masamune Shirow (Ghost in the Shell). Includes newly written tracks from Boom Boom Satellites (main theme), Paul Oakenfold, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Basement Jaxx, and more. This limited edition comes with a DVD (deleted scenes of the movie, promo clip to main theme, making-of featurette, and more). Also expected to include a color booklet with illustrations by Masamune Shirou DVD Audio Track: Japanese Linear PCM Stereo. *Unless otherwise specified, DVDs are region-2 encoded, and carry no subtitles.

Track List

1 Dive For You
2 Burns Attack
3 Good Luck
4 One Man Army
5 Bump Over Hills
6 Coro
7 White Car
8 Hand To Phone (Appleseed Version)
9 The Dragonfly Who Thought He Was A Mockingbird
10 Anthem
11 Underdog

1 Appleseed
2 Exposed
3 A Nightmare
4 Reunion
5 Starting
6 Utopia
7 Betrayal
8 Mother
9 Crossfire
10 Return
11 Password
12 New Age

1 Dive For You (Video Clip)
2 Appleseed (Movie Trailer Ver. 01)
3 Appleseed (Movie Trailer Ver. 02)
4 Appleseed (Special Backstage Features)