2. Forge Ahead: FINAL FANTASY XIV Arrangement Album (Blu-ray Disc Music)

Forge Ahead: FINAL FANTASY XIV Arrangement Album (Blu-ray Disc Music)

Price(USD): $28.90

CD No: SQEX-20095
Release Date: 2023/11/29
Format: 1BD

This is the fifth official arrangement album featuring piano and band arrangements of popular songs from "FINAL FANTASY XIV." This album also features Keiko on piano and THE PRIMALS on band, and includes 19 songs including extra tracks. Some of the tracks include collaborations with guest vocalists Jason Charles Miller and Amanda Achen.

The artist video part of the album includes all new music videos filmed and recorded for this album.

In addition, the music album with video [Blu-ray Disc Music] is adopted, and the video playback function that allows you to switch between game and artist videos, and the ability to switch between 2ch and 5.1ch / 5.0ch sound sources are available (Band part: 5.1ch / Piano part: 5.0ch).

Item codes for two orchestrion tracks [Orchestrion: Inochi no Tenbin (Amanda Achen Vocals), Orchestrion: Tsuki Michiru Yoru (Forge Ahead: Band)]" is enclosed (system requirements unknown).

*EXTRA TRACKS does not include 5.1ch (5.0ch) sound source or music video.

Release Date: 2023.11.29