2. Electronica Tunes -FINAL FANTASY Series-

Electronica Tunes -FINAL FANTASY Series-

Price(USD): $23.30

CD No: SQEX-10970
Release Date: 2022/09/28
Format: 1CD

A new compilation of "Final Fantasy" series music arrangements "Electronica Tunes -FINAL FANTASY Series-" is now available. A total of 10 artists, including Aqu3ra, Iyowa, OSTER project, Giga, cosMo@Boso P, Nayutan Seijin, Niru Kajitsu, Harumaki Gohan, Yunosuke, and Takeaki Wada, who are also well known as vocaloid producers, will be arranging the music. The album also includes 10 newly arranged tracks from the FF series' numbered titles. Look forward to the FF music arrangements created from new perspectives.
Release Date: 2022.9.28