2. IT'S A WONDERFUL WORLD + The World Ends with You

IT'S A WONDERFUL WORLD + The World Ends with You

Price(USD): $23.90

CD No: SQEX-10118
Release Date: 2008/07/30
Format: 1CD

Remix soundtrack to the hit Square-Enix Nintendo DS game "Subarashiki Kono Sekai + The World Ends With You" featuring arranged remixes of vocal tracks from the game perfomed by Takeharu Ishimoto. Also includes tracks made specifically for the international release of the game.

Track List

1. Twister-Original ver-/ SAWA
2. Calling-1960s-/ Leah
3. Give Me All Your Love-All my love-/ WAKAKO
4. Long Dream-1980s-/ Makiko Noda
5. Someday-Unplugged-/ SAWA
6. Make or Break-Black box-/ Hanaeryca
7. Game Over-Busy Dizzy and Lazy-/ Andy KINLAY
8. Give me a chance-/ Ayuko Tanaka
9. Hybrid-New born-/ Nulie Nurly
10. Twister-That Power is Yet Unknown-/ SAWA
11. Deja vu/ Joanna Koike
12. Transformation/ Andrew Mitchell
13. Three Minutes Clapping/ J.D.Camaro
14. Twister-Gang-Mix/ MJR
15. The One Star/ Cameron Strother
16. OWARI-HAJIMARI/ Cameron Strother
17. Three Minutes Clapping-Live-/ J.D.Camaro
18. Transformation-Transformed-/ Andrew Mitchell
19. Deja vu-Discoteque-/ Joanna Koike