2. FINAL FANTASY XI Piano Collections

FINAL FANTASY XI Piano Collections

Price(USD): $32.30

CD No: SQEX-10117
Release Date: 2008/06/25
Format: 1CD

Piano arranged versions of tracks from online game "Final Fantasy XI." Includes songs from the main game and each of the expansion tracks up to "Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess" all piano arranged by Naoshi Mizuta. Release Date: 2008.6.25

Track List

1. A New Horizon-Tavnazian Archipelago
2. Ronfaure
3. The Grand Duchy of Jeuno
4. Whispers of the Gods
5. Stargazing
6. Fated Strife-Besieged-
7. Mercenaries' Delight
8. The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah
9. The Cosmic Wheel
10. Griffons Never Die
11. Wings of the Goddess