2. DOV'E ANNA?


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CD No: SPDM014
Release Date: 2018/05/16
Format: 1CD

Digitmovies publishes on CD’s the OST of a mini-series in seven episodes transmitted by RAI in 1976 DOV'E ANNA?.


In 1976, a 45 rpm was released, this song remaining for weeks on top of the Hit Parade charts. Stelvio Cipriani has composed a musical commentary characterized from various themes of love, suspense, policing style and dance in addition to alternative versions of the main theme. For the production of this CD were used the original stereo master tapes.


Directed by Piero Schivazappa.

Characters: Mariano Rigillo, Pier Paolo Capponi, Scilla Gabel, Teresa Ricci, Silvano Tranquilli, Antonio Fattorini, Roldano Lupi, Ivano Staccioli, Corrado Gaipa and Gianni Musi.


Carlo and Anna live and work In Rome : he is a books sales representative, she works at the office of an engineer holding in a construction company. One afternoon Anna disappears, her husband does not want to resign himself to having missed her forever. There is no evidence that Anna died or was kidnapped, maybe she ran away? Carlo is helped in his research by Commissioner Bramante and his friend Paola who slowly begins to fall in love with him. -- from the label.

Release Date: 2018/5/16

Track List

01. Dov'e Anna? (Titoli - Versione Tv) 1:38
02. Tema Di Paola 3:01
03. Dov'e Anna? (Seq.2) 1:21
04. Dov'e Anna? (Seq.3) 4:11
05. Dov'e Anna? (Seq.4) 4:42
06. Dov'e Anna? (Seq.5) 5:16
07. Dov'e Anna? (Seq.6) 2:11
08. Dov'e Anna? (Seq.7) 2:01
09. Dov'e Anna? (Seq.8) 2:10
10. Tema Di Paola (Seq.2) 2:16
11. Dov'e Anna? (Seq.9) 1:36
12. Dov'e Anna? (Seq.10) 1:41
13. Tema Di Paola (Seq.3) 3:03
14. Dov'e Anna? (Seq.11) 5:45
15. Dov'e Anna? (Seq.12) 1:31
16. Dov'e Anna? (Seq.13) 2:02
17. Dov'e Anna? (Seq.14) 1:09
18. Dov'e Anna? (Seq.15) 1:25
19. Tema Di Paola (Seq.4) 2:22
20. Dov'e Anna? (Seq.16) 2:03
21. Dov'e Anna? (Seq.17) 1:09
22. Dov'e Anna? (Seq.18) 2:32
23. Dov'e Anna? (Seq.19) 2:14
24. Dov'e Anna? (Seq.20) 1:34
25. Dov'e Anna? (Seq.21) 3:54
26. Dov'e Anna? (Seq.22) 2:14
27. Dov'e Anna? (Seq.23) 1:22
28. Dov'e Anna? (Titoli - Versione Singolo) 3:22