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Label: SONOR(IT)
CD No: SME68
Release Date: 2020/09/25
Format: 1LP

Better known as the FARFALLA album (The Butterfly) for his outstanding artwork, this record is a true holy grail and worldwide recognized as some of the finest Library music ever recorded. Originally released on few hundred copies this is among the rarest and surely top sough-after Italian Library LPs out there by the famed composer Alessandro Alessandroni. Just the cover alone would be enough to define his beauty with such a mind-blowing artwork; the music ranges from Jazz to Psychedelia and huge Easy Listening / Lounge themes, massive Scat vocals by maestro’s vocal ensembe I CANTORI MODERNI to just about everything you can imagine. Legendary Italian top notch album on the cult Sermi label, featuring the most refined Lounge music of the field (along with his other grail ‘PRISMA SONORO’), groovy Psychedelic Beat with Alessandroni’s infamous guitars and other musical delights. -- from the label.

Please note for shipping purposes this counts as 4 discs

Track List

A1 Invention
A2 Flautiana
A3 Richiamo
A4 Discovery
A5 Flautando In Tre
A6 Evolution

B1 La Collina Dell’amore
B2 Giovane Flirt
B3 Acque Azzurre
B4 Acque Azzurre
B5 Acque Azzurre
B6 Altalena Sull’acqua
B7 Cielo Giallo
B8. On The Boat