2. GRAND TOUR (180g Vinyl)

GRAND TOUR (180g Vinyl)

Price(USD): $39.50

Label: SONOR(IT)
CD No: SME17
Release Date: 2016/11/25
Format: 1LP

Finally, after 45 years, comes the soundtrack, from the original master tapes, of the truly mad and weird exploitation euro-erotic-horror cult movie filmed in 1971 (but released only in 1973) by Renato Polselli (Ralph Brown). Incomprehensible and inconceivable beyond the reach of the human intellect, Riti, magie nere e segrete orge nel trecento... shows a cult of pseudo-Satanists in tight red jumpsuit and black cape requiring the blood and eyes of seven virgins in order to resurrect the corpse of the persecuted witch Isabella (Rita Calderoni), who was impaled and burned at the stake some 500 years ago. A precious nonsensical gem, with nervous zooming, nude women’s breasts in a colorful scenery, and an overly cryptic storyline; loony.
The soundtrack encapsulates, in its fifteen total tracks (including the 2 released at the time on 45 RPM vinyl), all typical sound elements of the “scary music” ‘of the seventies but with a hard touch of madness, experimentation and psychedelia. Female vocals give out agonizing and distressing groans, tribal African rhythmic, turned over words, plucked stings of the piano, baroque elements and lot of effects makes this soundtrack a cult object, not even to mention the obsessive care of the packaging.
Released in a limited edition of 666 numbered copies in gatefold heavy thick cover with front cover design by Michele Targonato with embossed flames. Bi-color red-blue vinyl. Includes digital download code.

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This item has a planned release date of December 1.

Track List

1.Caraibi 04:31
2.Seychelles 01:46
3.Portorico 02:57
4.Canaries 03:10
5.Cyprus 02:40
6.Giamaica 02:29
7.Bahamas 02:40
8.Portsmouth 02:45
9.Tibet 03:07
10.Oceania 02:14
11.California 3000 03:03
12.From Italy 03:32