2. IDOLY PRIDE Collection Album [Promise] [Regular Edition]

IDOLY PRIDE Collection Album [Promise] [Regular Edition]

Price(USD): $25.90

Label: SONY(JPN)
CD No: SMCL-740
Release Date: 2021/12/22
Format: 1CD

The full album of the media mix project "IDOLY PRIDE", which has been gaining attention for its detailed CG and scenarios, as well as for the songs written by the great artists, is the second release after the first album released in October. This album contains 17 songs in total, including 10 newly-recorded songs such as "Pray for you", TRINITYAiLE, and new songs by two newly-coupled idols. The Blu-ray includes high-definition video clips of the songs and items that can be used in the smartphone game.
Release Date:2021.12.22