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CD No: SM027
Release Date: 2013/09/17
Format: 1CD

Written and directed by Lucia Puenzo (The Fish Child, XXY), and starring Alex Brendemuhl, Natalia Oreiro and Diego Pereti, this intense drama-thriller tells the true story of an Argentine family who lived with Josef Mengele without knowing his true identity, and of a girl who fell in love with one of the biggest criminals of all times.
The music for Wakolda, written by popular Argentine composers Andres Goldstein and Daniel Tarrab, contrasts darkness with brightness, cold sounds with fulsome emotional music. It is scored for chamber orchestra, including solo instruments such as banjo, duduk, piano and guitars (both acoustic and electric).

Goldstein and Tarrab, authors of several film scores (including the sensitive music written for The Whore and the Whale, The Signal and XXY), won the World Soundtrack Award at the Ghent Film Festival for their score for Inheritance.

The album includes five songs heard in the film. ---from the label.

Track List

1. Wakolda Main Title (Titulos Wakolda) (1:32)
2. Little Bed (Pequena cama) (0:45)
3. Rain Song (3:49)
4. Just a Game (Un juego) (1:10)
5. The Journey (El viaje) (1:17)
6. Lilith (Lilith) (0:41)
7. There Were Two (Eran dos) (1:15)
8. Blood and Honor (Sangre y honor) (0:59)
9. Farewell (Despedida) (0:38)
10. Dolls Factory (Fabrica de munecas) (1:29)
11. Heartbeat (Latidos) (0:53)
12. Lady Sunshine und Mister Moon (2:14)
13. Forest (Bosque) (1:04)
14. The Hunt has Begun (La caceria ha comenzado) (1:12)
15. Nazi’s Bunker (Bunker Nazi) (0:58)
16. The persecution (La persecucion) (1:32)
17. Wumba Tumba Schokoladeneisverkaufer (2:27)
18. Prematures (Eran sietemesinas) (1:11)
19. In the Mountain (En la montana) (0:49)
20. Let’s Dance (Let’s Dance) (1:52)
21. The Persecution Continues (La persecucion continua) (1:23)
22. Sea Above, Sky Below (7:40)
23. The End (El final) (1:54)
24. Wakolda End Credits (Wakolda creditos finales) (2:50)

Total Time: 42:21