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Label: SILVA
CD No: SILLP1666
Release Date: 2022/10/14
Format: 1LP

* First Ever Vinyl Release
* Original Hammer Films Soundtrack
* Purple Vinyl

Making its debut on vinyl is James Bernard’s soundtrack to Hammer’s classic 1968 film The Devil Rides Out. Hammer built on previous success in the horror genre by seeking literary adaptations, and this film is based on the Denis Wheatley novel of the same name. The script was written by Richard Matheson, himself a successful author of the novel, I Am Legend (1954), and with gothic horror maestro Terence Fisher directing, the resulting film remains one of Hammer’s most popular.

The story follows Nicholas, The Duc de Richleau (Christopher Lee) in his fight against a devil-worshipping cult. The Duc rescues his young friends and destroys the cult, with good triumphing over evil in a rare heroic role for Lee. The supernatural suspense is further realised by Bernard’s tense soundtrack, and his music has since become synonymous with Hammer’s horror oeuvre. James Bernard had already scored releases for Hammer including The Curse of Frankenstein (1957) and Dracula (1958), and his distinctive clashing strings and driving percussion instantly conjure this iconic Hammer film.
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Track List

1. Opening Credits
2. Concerned Friends / Investigating The Observatory / Hidden Sacrifice
3. Protecting Simon
4. Balance Of Power
5. The Duc And Rex Follow Simon
6. Uninvited Guests
7. The Spirit In The Observatory
8. The Eve Of Mayday / Mocata's Presence
9. Pursuing Tanith
10. The Baptism Begins
11. Orgy Of Evil
12. "The Goat Of Mendes - The Devil Himdelf!"
13. Rescuing Simon And Tanith

1. Mocata Visits The Eatons
2. Tanith Controls Rex / Inside The Circle
3. Visions Of Terror
4. The Angel Of Death
5. The Battle Is Lost / The Power Of Mocata
6. An Unstained Child
7. Finale And End Credits