2. RAWHEAD REX (Stained Glass Red Vinyl/ 2LP)

RAWHEAD REX (Stained Glass Red Vinyl/ 2LP)

Price(USD): $45.80

Label: SILVA
CD No: SILLP1606
Release Date: 2021/01/15
Format: 2LP

2LP on Stained Glass Red Vinyl. Based on a short-story by the master of horror and fantasy, author Clive Barker (Hellraiser), Rawhead Rex is set in 1980’s rural Ireland. The Demon, alive for millennia and trapped in the depths of hell, is unleashed on the sleepy local farming community. Remembered faintly through pre-Christian myth, the only one that can stop Rawhead's bloody rampage is the historian, desperately racing against the time.
This is the first ever release for the soundtrack by Colin Towns, one of Europe’s most prolific film, television and theatre composers, but also a pianist, songwriter, arranger, producer and collaborator, known for The Puppet Masters, Space Trackers, Maybe Baby, Foyle’s War, Doc Martin, Pie In The Sky.
"The first film I scored was Full Circle which starred Mia Farrow and is still in the BFI top ten for best score for horrorfilms. I felt that film was more of a dark scary mystery. Rawhead Rex on the other hand was clearly a horror film 100%. I visited the film set in Ireland during the filming to take in the atmosphere and meet the actors after which I decided to record the music at CTS in London with a sixty piece orchestra plus electronics. I have always orchestrated my own work and had a wild time with Rawhead which is what I really love doing". Colin Towns .
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Track List

1. Barry Gray?- Supercar Series One Main Titles
2. Barry Gray?- Full Boost Vertical
3. Barry Gray?- The Headhunters and Sargon
4. Barry Gray?- Whimsical Antics
5. Barry Gray?- Master Spy Theme / Pleasant Theme
6. Barry Gray?- What Goes Up
7. Barry Gray?- Supercar Series Two Main Titles
8. Barry Gray?- The Runaway Train
9. Barry Gray?- Precious Cargo
10. Barry Gray?- Zizi's Song
11. Barry Gray?- Super Stork
12. Barry Gray?- Hi-Jack

1. Barry Gray?- Calling Charlie Queen
2. Barry Gray?- The Beakette Danube
3. Barry Gray?- Space for Mitch
4. Barry Gray?- Jail Break
5. Barry Gray?- The Day Time Stood Still
6. Barry Gray?- City Lights
7. Barry Gray?- Gifted Gorilla
8. Barry Gray?- Supercar Extended Theme