2. FIREBALL XL5 (Transparent Orange Vinyl/ 2LP)

FIREBALL XL5 (Transparent Orange Vinyl/ 2LP)

Price(USD): $39.80

Label: SILVA
CD No: SILLP1595
Release Date: 2021/01/22
Format: 2LP

Barry Gray’s soundtrack LP to the 1962 series “Fireball XL5” from Gerry and Sylvia Anderson will be released on vinyl early in 2021 on Silva Screen Records, the next in a series of Anderson releases which has so far featured UFO, Supercar and Thunderbirds.

Fireball XL5 was set in 2062 and followed the exploits of the eponymous spaceship commanded by Colonel Steve Zodiac of the World Space Patrol. It was produced, like most other Anderson productions, in Supermarionation, using puppetry techniques that captured the imagination of a generation.
Composer Barry Gray collaborated with the Andersons on all the Supermarionation series, his jazzy style supplemented by the use of an electronically augmented keyboard, the Ondes Martenot, creating the other-worldly atmosphere which became synonymous with the sci-fi series.

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Track List

01. Fireball XL5 Main Theme
02. The Mystery of Planet 46 from Planet 46
03. Formula 5 from The Doomed Planet
04. Rogue Planet from The Doomed Planet

01. Exploring the Tanker from The Hypnotic Sphere
02. Hypnotised from The Hypnotic Sphere
03. Travelling Light from Space Vacation
04. Ninety’s Dream from A Day in the Life of a Space General
05. Zero G (Single version)
06. The Cholorphon from Plant Man from Space
07. Spectre of Electon from Ghosts of Space
08. End Titles: Fireball

01. Circus Dreams from Flying Zodiac
02. Platonia Treachery from Planet of Platonia
03. Flat Jazz from Flight to Danger
04. Trapped from Space Monster
05. This is the Twist from Space Monster

01. Fireball End Titles: Instrumental from Space City Special
02. Ice Skating Waltz from Drama at Space City
03. Aphros Theme from Prisoner on the Lost Planet
04. Aquaphibian from XL5 to H2O
05. Foiled! from XL5 to H2O
06. Back to the past from 1875
07. Fireball (Single version)