2. ONE DAY


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CD No: SILCD1758
Release Date: 2024/05/03
Format: 1CD

The three composers fully embraced the demands of the project which has become one of the most watched dramas on Netflix.
“We were already huge fans of the book, so when the phone call came in to score the television adaptation of One Day, with David Nicholls at the helm, we jumped at the chance. It was a dream project!
We wanted to create a score that celebrates the love story between Dex and Em and also reflects the nostalgia for lost time and lost love that they feel, and viewers can relate to. The music had to follow their journey as their relationship evolves over the years, but still feel like it was rooted in one place. In other words, we needed to mirror the very different lives and emotions they experience over twenty years ranging from excitement, humour, anger and heartbreak.
Jess’ vocals were featured across the original score in delicate interlocking layers and became synonymous with Dex and Em’s unfolding love story. These distinctive vocals also feature in a number of songs in the series soundtrack that were created under Jess and Tim’s artist moniker ‘Vanbur’. Working with lead director Molly Manners, the duo enjoyed creating bespoke reworks of their original songs to sit alongside the series score.
The three of us have worked together over the years and have developed a close friendship and collaboration that we hope is reflected in the score."

Track List

1 What Are Days For?
2 Dex and Em
3 Talk About Something
4 Had Enough
5 Emma T Wilde
6 Turnaround
7 Just a Friend
8 Bathroom
9 Up Arthur's Seat
10 Lost
11 Big Dreams
12 Tell Me What You Think
13 Emma Takes a Bow
14 Going On
15 Famous
16 I’m Engaged
17 Let Me Show You
18 Mr Godalming
19 Dex Coming Apart
20 Primrose Hill
21 Keep Me Warm
22 Sit for a Bit
23 You Look Nice
24 It’s Only Me
25 Ghosts
26 As If She Was Still Here
27 Last Look (One Day Version) - Vanbur
28 My Dove, To Sleep (One Day Version) - Vanbur
29 Earthing (One Day Version) - Vanbur
30 In Cold Light (One Day Version) - Vanbur