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Label: SILVA
CD No: SILCD1729
Release Date: 2023/12/01
Format: 2CD

Gerry Anderson and Christopher Burr’s Terrahawks turns 40 this autumn. On Saturday 8 October 1983, Terrahawks was broadcast for the very first time on ITV. The cult show was Anderson’s first in over a decade to use puppets for its characters, and also his last. Set in the year 2020, the series followed the adventures of the Terrahawks, a taskforce responsible for protecting Earth from invasion by a group of extraterrestrial androids and aliens led by Zelda. Like Anderson’s previous puppet series, futuristic vehicles and technology featured prominently in each episode.
This soundtrack features the memorable opening theme, original musical cues from the show, hit singles released at the time of airing (sung by the character Kate Kestrel) and for the first time, a newly remastered version of the Terrahawks Suite performed by a full orchestra at the Stand By For Action! concert, recorded at Birmingham Symphony Hall in April 2022.
BAFTA award winning British composer Richard Harvey has over 70 film and television scores to his credit which include Shroud For A Nightingale, Steaming, Tales Of The Unexpected, G.B.H. and Luther. A multi-instrumentalist alongside composing duties he has worked with a dazzling array of names that include Sir Paul McCartney, Elvis Costello, Hans Zimmer and Francis Ford Coppola.

Track List

Disc One

1. Terrahawks Main Titles

Expect the Unexpected Part One
2. The Invaders of Mars
3. Hiding in Plain Sight

Expect the Unexpected Part Two
4. War and Peace
5. Guks Bearing Gifts

Thunder Roar
6. Sram's Roar
7. Thunder and Frightening

Play it Again Sram
8. The World Song Contest
9. Zelda Rap
10. S.O.S ? Performed by Kate Kestrel / [Moya Griffiths]

Close Call
11. Special Delivery
12. Darrell in Hawknest

Mind Monster
13. It's So Easy - Performed by Kate Kestrel / [Moya Griffiths]

To Catch a Tiger
14. Tethered Goats
15. Chamber of Death

Operation S.A.S.
16. Attack of the Space Bear
17. Kate in Trouble

18. Terrahawks - End Titles

Disc Two (Bonus Material)

1. Terrahawks Theme - Extended Version
2. Terrahawks - Variations on a Theme
3. Anderson Burr Ident'
4. Terrahawks - Demo Titles 1

Happy Madeday
5. Master of Infinite Disguise
6. Terrahawks - Demo Titles 2

The Ugliest Monster of All
7. Yuri
8. The Telekinetic Menace

9. Terrahawks - Demo Titles 3

10. Close Encounters of the Stew Kind

Cold Finger
11. Master of Ice
12. Be my Star Tonight - Performed by Kate Kestrel / [Moya Griffiths]

A Christmas Miracle
13. I Believe in Love This Christmas - Performed by Kate Kestrel / [Moya Griffiths]

Living in the 21st Century
14. US End Titles - Performed by Kate Kestrel / [Moya Griffiths]

15. The Theme from Terrahawks ? Performed by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Unseen Menace
16. I Am the Invisible Man
17. Terrahawks Break Stings
18. A Strange Presence

19. Terrahawks Suite - Stand By For Action Live Concert Version (Remastered)