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Label: SILVA
CD No: SILCD1606
Release Date: 2020/10/30
Format: 1CD

Released in 1986, horror film Rawhead Rex was based on a short story by Clive (Hellraiser) Barker. Composer Colin Towns is not only one of Europe’s most prolific film, television and theatre composers, but also a pianist, songwriter, arranger, producer and collaborator. His name has graced the credits of many prestigious and popular features. "The first film I scored was Full Circle which starred Mia Farrow and is still in the BFI top ten for best score for horror films. I felt that film was more of a dark scary mystery. Rawhead Rex on the other hand was clearly a horror film 100%. I visited the film set in Ireland during the filming to take in the atmosphere and meet the actors after which I decided to record the music at CTS in London with a sixty piece orchestra plus electronics. I have always orchestrated my own work and had a wild time with Rawhead which is what I really love doing". Colin Towns

Track List

1 Rawhead Rex Main Theme
2 Welcome to Ireland
3 Rawhead Appears
4 Nicholson's Farm
5 “Just you wait”
6 Boy Runs For His Life Through The Wood
7 Minty - “gotta pee”
8 The Vicarage
9 The Family is Leaving
10 Gussing Opens Book
11 Howard Discovers a Strange Glass Window in the Church
12 Declan Goes Wild in the Church
13 Howard Discovers the Power of the Stone
14 Rawhead Rex End Credits
15 There is a Green Hill Far Away