2. WICKER MAN, The


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CD No: SILCD1216
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Format: 1CD

A young child has gone missing and it's up to a kindly but haunted sheriff to travel to the remote island community where she was last seen and solve the lingering mystery of her disappearance in director Neil LaBute's updated reworking of Anthony Shaffer's 1973 cult horror classic. Upon arriving at a small island to investigate, Sheriff Edward Maulis (Nicolas Cage) is troubled to discover that every trace he manages to find of the missing child quickly leads to an inexplicable dead end. His investigation repeatedly stalled by the highly secretive, neo-pagan community that inhabits the island, Sheriff Maulis soon discovers that there are still some cultures that refuse to play by the rules of modern society.

Track List

1. Overture for The Wicker Man
2. Cycling into a Nightmare
3. Flight to Summer's Isle
4. Secret Meeting Note
5. The Barn
6. The Rose and the Daydream
7. Image of Rowan
8. Sister Summer's Isle
9. Kiss of Bees
10. Flashback Memories
11. Trapped in Water
12. Endless Pursuit
13. The Confrontation
14. The Burning