2. THE 13 LORDS OF THE SHOGUN Original Soundtrack Vol.3

THE 13 LORDS OF THE SHOGUN Original Soundtrack Vol.3

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Label: SONY(JPN)
CD No: SICX-30153
Release Date: 2022/11/09
Format: 1CD

The 61st NHK Epic Drama "THE 13 LORDS OF THE SHOGUN". The third volume of the soundtrack features a selection of music from the final stages of the story, dramatically depicting the ensemble drama that reaches its climax during the Jokyu years.
Music composed by Evan Call, an American-born, Japan-based composer who has created numerous film scores, including the anime "Violet Evergarden" and the animated film "Josee, the Tiger and the Fish.

Track List

01. And So He Became Regent
02. The Future Master of the H?j?
03. All Roads Must Come to an End
04. Chain of Sorrow
05. Ama Sh?gun
06. To Stand Against a God
07. The Third Lord of Kamakura
08. Fate Calls for the Band?
09. Schemes of the Brilliant
10. Flames of Vindication
11. The Path of the Assassin
12. As the Flowers Fall Before Us
13. The Divine Will of the World
14. The Ones We Leave Behind
15. The Weight of Kamakura
16. A God Among Men
17. Even A Dog Will Eat Its Friend
18. The Man I Used to Be
19. Iridescent Nightmares
20. In Death May We Find Pride
21. Heart of the Assassin
22. To My Father
23. Three Friends of Winter
24. Yasutoki Rising
25. Requiem Under the Plum Covered Eaves
26. For All I Love in Kamakura
28. THE 13 LORDS OF THE SHOGUN - Travel Journal 3 feat. Masami Takeuchi & tea
29. THE 13 LORDS OF THE SHOGUN - Travel Journal 4 feat. Istvan Kohan

Theremin: Masami Takeuchi
Vocal: tea
Clarinet: Istvan Kohan
Music: Evan Call (except M25)
M25 is composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart(Requiem in D minor, K. 626) and arranged by Evan Call.