2. ARKNIGHTS "Prelude To Dawn" Blu-ray Box [Limited Edition] (2Blu-ray+CD)

ARKNIGHTS "Prelude To Dawn" Blu-ray Box [Limited Edition] (2Blu-ray+CD)

Price(USD): $186.90

CD No: SHBR-0684
Release Date: 2023/02/22
Format: 2BD+CD

(Multiple Language Subtitles: English, Chinese, & Korean) Arknights "Prelude To Dawn" becomes available as Blu-ray box set. Includes episodes 1-8. Box packaging with a 40-page booklet and a serial code for use in the "Ark Knights" tower defense game. Illustrated digipak packaging. *The serial code is valid until 23:59 on February 21, 2026. The limited edition includes: a drawing sheet set (8 sheets), a set of newly-drawn deformed acrylic stands, a bonus CD "Music Collection (1)," a reunion camp dog tag, and a replica of Amiya's ring
Release Date: 2023.2.22(Limited)