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The original motion picture soundtrack from the Jean-Jacques Mantello-directed film “SHARKS: A Close Encounter with the Lions and Tigers of the Ocean” presented in IMAX theatres by Jean-Michel Cousteau

“SHARKS - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack,” described as “stirring” by Box Office Magazine, is the second powerful original score written by noted European composer Christophe Jacquelin specifically for the network of IMAX screens. Jacquelin's first composition for an IMAX theatre film was for the popular “OCEAN WONDERLAND” (2003), seen by over 5 million viewers to date. The SHARKS album is the culmination of Jacquelin's talents and passion for the underwater world and conservation, an interest he shares with the film’s director, Jean-Jacques Mantello. Thanks to their very close collaboration, Jacquelin was able to compose the original motion picture soundtrack based on images, an unusual achievement in the film industry. Editing on the film began only once the score was completed, resulting in a perfect symbiosis of sound and image. The SHARKS soundtrack includes the film’s haunting theme song, “Still Be Blue” (track 15), sung by Dajzia Satour with lyrics by Claudia Phillips. Strings and woods were performed by the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra led by Patrice Souillot. In addition to his work as a composer, Jacquelin is also a renowned sound designer and sound arranger. He has extensive experience in composing, arranging and mixing original music for documentaries, animated and corporate films, commercials, games, and interactive media.

About the film SHARKS

SHARKS is a 3D Entertainment Ltd. and McKinney Underwater production and is presented by ocean explorer Jean-Michel Cousteau in association with the United Nations Environment Programme. It was originally released in Spring 2005 at IMAX theatres across the USA before moving on to its international release. The film was described by the Chicago Tribune as “the impressive work of director Jean-Jacques Mantello and a crew of daredevil underwater cinematographers led by Gavin McKinney.” SHARKS depicts these animals as they actually are in their natural environment: wild, fascinating and highly endangered. As the most advanced predators on earth, which began roaming the waters millions of years before the appearance of the dinosaurs, they are essential to the survival of our oceans; the final element in the marine food chain, they maintain the complex webs of life below them. SHARKS was filmed between October 2003 and June 2004 in Mexico, South Africa, French Polynesia, Mozambique, Egypt and the USA, and required three years of production.

Track List

1 Sharks
2 Sand Tiger Sharks
3 Silvertip Sharks
4 Silvertip Sharks V2
5 Sardines
6 Manta Ray (M.K. Theme)
7 Sawfish
8 Sea Lions
9 Great White Sharks
10 Hammerhead Sharks
11 Gray Reef Sharks
12 Dolphins Part 1
13 Dolphins Part 2
14 Whale Sharks
15 Still Be Blue