Price(USD): $15.80

Label: SEPIA(UK)
CD No: SEPIA-1259
Release Date: 2014/06/09
Format: 1CD

SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD is a 1956 film in Cinerama and first time on CD is the unique sound track of the movie mixed in stereo from the original tapes. With music by three composers - Emil Newman, who also conducted the Cinerama Symphony Orchestra for the sound track, David Raskin and Jerome Moross, the music is varied and dazzling.

Track List

1. Cinerama Holiday Main Title
2. New England Carnival Music, Long Version
3. New England Carnival Music, Love Old Sweet Song
4. Swiss Train
5. Finale, Act II
6. New Hampshire Scenic, Opening & Insert
7. New Hampshire Closing Sequence
8. Cartoon To Bobsled
9. Swiss Waltz Entr’acte
10. Aircraft Carrier
11. Paris Promenade, Part A
12. Finale, Second Section
13. Band Holiday Finale
14. Paris
15. Exterior Theatre
16. Early Morning Market And Bike Ride
17. Interior Theatre
18. Catapult
19. Notre Dame To Art Class
20. Joan Of Arc
21. Arc De Triomphe
22. Arc De Triomphe, End Section Brighter
23. Paris, Part II
24. New York Ancillary Music
25. The Carrier
26. Paris Waltz, No.2
27. Exit Music
28. Cinerama Overture
29. Cinerama Holiday March
30. Over The Alps
31. Skating Waltz
32. On The Slopes
33. Hup-Sa-Sa - Bertely Studer and Ernst Berchtold
34. Skiers
35. Souvenirs Of Paris
36. Paris Promenade
37. The Louvre
38. Holiday In Rio
39. Paris Theme
40. Out West
41. New York Town
42. Hail To Our Land - The United States Naval Academy Choir