2. Walpurgis/ Aimer [Limited Edition / Type B] (CD+DVD)

Walpurgis/ Aimer [Limited Edition / Type B] (CD+DVD)

Price(USD): $36.50

Label: SME(JPN)
CD No: SECL-2667
Release Date: 2021/04/14
Format: CD+DVD

This is the sixth original full album in almost two years! TV drama "Anata no Bandesu" theme song 'STAND-ALONE', 'Fate/stay night [HF]' final chapter theme song 'Haru wa yuku', TV anime 'Vinland Saga' outro theme 'Torches', TV anime 'Fire Force (Enen no Shobotai) 2' intro theme song 'SPARK-". In addition to these four leading tracks the album will contain a total of 14 tracks including a new song 'wonderland' written by Yuki Kajiura, who provided the music for 'Haru wa yuku', and 'Kiro', the outro theme for the TV anime 'Mado Soshi". Limited Edition B comes with a music video of "wonderland" by director Takahiro Miki on DVD.
Release Date: 2021.4.14(Limited)