2. Rudy


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Label: schole(JPN)
CD No: SCH-81
Release Date: 2023/09/15
Format: 1CD

Original soundtrack featuring 31 songs written by Akira Kosemura for the British film "RUDY".
The film was directed by Shauna Aubrac, whose previous film "Dear Frankie" was selected for Un Certain Regard at the 57th Cannes International Film Festival and nominated for Best Newcomer at that year's British Academy Awards. Shauna is known for her sensitive and warm portrayal of family, and for her new film "RUDY," her first film in 20 years, the director herself asked Kosemura to compose the music for the film, which was completed after about six months of collaboration.
Although the film has not yet been released in Japan, it won the Best Film Award at the New Renaissance Film Festival and the Birmingham Film Festival, was featured on the British national broadcaster BBC, and has become a quiet topic of conversation among film fans. The piano music of Kosemura, who has been tenderly accompanying the family through their love and loss, and their struggle to move forward little by little, echoes through the film with a hint of sadness.

Release Date: 2023.9.15