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CD No: SAIMEL-3998986
Release Date: 2018/08/30
Format: 1CD

Arnau Bataller is one of the most in demand Spanish film composer, with works such as ''La herencia Valdemar'', ''Ermessenda '', ''Heroes '', ''The Chosen'' or ''Vulcania '' among others.
''M’esperaras? / You'll Wait for Me?'' is a film written and directed by Carles Alberola, who adapted to the cinema his theatrical work of the same title. The play obtained an enormous success in theatrical stages, staying more than two years in theaters.
The movie is a comedy where two couples meet for dinner giving rise to situations of entanglement due to personal relationships existing between them. Bataller's music is melodic, agile, funny, with a contagious rhythm ... As the director explains Arnau Bataller is the ideal partner. He has the ability to find out what the characters want, what they hide, to later reveal it to the audience with music that caresses the picture without imposing on it. Therefore, music becomes an essential travel companion to understand and feel correctly the story they are telling together. --- from the label

Release Date: 2018/8/30. !

Track List

01. M'esperaras? - You'll Wait for Me? 5:15
02. Pero que em passa? - What Happens to Me? 2:01
03. Estic preparat - I'm Ready 2:22
04. Brindem! - Cheers! 2:19
05. Intimitats - Intimacies 1:47
06. Interrogatori - Interrogation 2:58
07. Cal avortar! - We Need to Stop! 1:53
08. En la ficcio - In Fiction 2:03
09. La confessio - Confessing 1:47
10. Quina nit! - What a Night! 1:51
11. Recordant - Remembering 3:13
12. Un bes - A Kiss 1:56
13. A tu qui t'ha escrit? - Who Wrote You? 3:35
14. Sol - Alone 1:45
15. Credits finals - Final Credits 2:05
16. Un final felic - A happy ending 3:05
17. M'esperaras? Suite - You'll Wait for Me? Suite 10:23