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CD No: SAIMEL-3998985
Release Date: 2018/08/30
Format: 1CD

We proudly present on this CD the world premiere release of two haunting and beautiful scores by Carlo Rustichelli which were written in 1966 and 1967 for two different films which both dealt with the transformation of the Italian society during the economic boom of the mid 1960s and the loss of post-war ideals and values, one in the form of a gloomy introverted drama, the other as a sarcastic melancholic comedy:Le stagioni del nostro amore (1966) was directed by Florestano Vancini, who had begun as a documentarist during the early 1950s, and had an excellent cast of Italian and French actors with Enrico Maria Salerno, Anouk Aimee, Jacqueline Sassard and Gian Maria Volonte.
Padre di famiglia (1967) was the fourth collaboration between the composer and the director Nanni Loy, a keen observer of Italian reality. In this comedy, starring by Nino Manfredi, Leslie Caron and Ugo Tognazzi, shows the life of an ideal couple, to talk about the transformation of the institution of the Italian family during the 1960s, changing the traditional image of the father (the “padre di famiglia”) who in this case gets replaced by the mother. --- from the label

Release Date: 2018/8/30. !

Track List

Le stagioni del nostro amore
01. The Separation 2:57
02. City by Night - On the Road 1:56
03. Vittorio and His Wife - Broken Marriage 2:52
04. Vittorio’s Loneliness 1:35
05. Return to Mantua - Memories of Elena 2:09
06. In Love with Elena 2:12
07. Encounter with the Night Guard 2:04
08. War Remembrances 1:40
09. Vittorio and Francesca in the Car 3:46
10. The Season of Our Love Has Passed 1:30
11. Elena’s Disappointment and Final Decision 3:40
12. The Cemetery - Childhood Memories 2:27
13. Sirtaki Dance 1:19
14. Desolation and Finale 3:00
Alternate/Unused Tracks
15. Broken Marriage (Alternate) 0:35
16. The Night Guard (Alternate) 0:39
17. Unused 0:44

Padre di famiglia
18. The Year 1946 (Main Title) 1:49
19. First Encounter 2:19
20. Falling in Love - The Wedding 1:59
21. Marco’s Frustration 1:36
22. The First Baby 2:24
23. In the Nursery 2:19
24. Romeo the Anarchist 0:39
25. Lovers at Night 1:32
26. Paola’s Pregnancy 1:47
27. The Grandfather Dies 1:32
28. Urbanization 2:03
29. Marital Crisis 1:17
30. Marco Gets Home Again 2:40
31. Marco and Paola (Reflections) 3:26
32. Plans for the Future - Paola in the Hospital 1:58
33. Finale 2:19

Bonus Track
34. Padre di famiglia suite 6:39