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CD No: SAIMEL-3998983
Release Date: 2017/11/27
Format: 1CD

We proudly present on this CD the world premiere release of Piero Piccioni's complete score for the 1960 romantic drama I dolci inganni which was directed by Alberto Lattuada and starred by Catherine Spaak, Christian Marquand and Jean Sorel.

The musical commentary for I dolci inganni was provided by Piero Piccioni, who since the mid-50s had established himself as one of the most important younger Italian film composers. For I dolci inganni Piccioni wrote an extraordinary and highly evocative score which even today sounds totally refreshing and unorthodox. The long, very unusual opening sequence with a duration of almost four minutes is filmed in just one single shot which shows Francesca waking up from an erotic dream full of anxiety and caressing her body through her nightgown. The underscoring is unusual as well: Piccioni uses only a few instruments ? electric guitar, organ and brushed drums ? to introduce the marvellous main theme which is a longlined sinuous melody so typical of the composer's style and immediately haunts the listener with its beauty. The mood of the complete score is jazz-based, but what we hear for the most part is seductive, melodic and nostalgic jazz. Particular care has been taken of the orchestrations which are always colourful as well as delicate and change according to the mood of the situations and the sequences. During the long recording sessions Piccioni had recorded quite a lot of alternate takes of the tracks which can be heard in our regular score program and we have attached many of them as bonus tracks.

Our CD with the delightful score for I dolci inganni is a real testimony to the versatile talent and exceptional artistry of Maestro Piero Piccioni. --- from the label

Release Date: 2017/11/27.

Track List

01. I Dolci Inganni (Francesca Wakes Up) 3:49
02. I Dolci Inganni (On the Balcony) 3:55
03. I Dolci Inganni (M 4) 2:44
04. I Dolci Inganni (The Elevator) 0:57
05. I Dolci Inganni (Francesca Meets Enrico - In the
School) 1:20
06. I Dolci Inganni (Francesca Visits a Friend) 2:22
07. I Dolci Inganni (Touring Through Rome) 1:15
08. I Dolci Inganni (Alone Again) 1:40
09. I Dolci Inganni (Dancing by the River) 2:58
10. I Dolci Inganni (The Old Villa) 1:11
11. I Dolci Inganni (Walking Around the Villa) 2:02
12. I Dolci Inganni (Love Scene at Night) 3:36
13. I Dolci Inganni (Return Trip to Rome) 2:24
14. I Dolci Inganni (Back Home Again) 1:07
15. I Dolci Inganni (End Cast) 1:28
Alternate Tracks / Source Tracks
16. I Dolci Inganni (Francesca Wakes Up A) 4:01
17. I Dolci Inganni (M 4 A) 2:46
18. I Dolci Inganni (M 4 B) 3:02
19. I Dolci Inganni (M 4 C) 1:38
20. I Dolci Inganni (M 4 D) 2:47
21. I Dolci Inganni (M 4 E) 2:42
22. I Dolci Inganni (The Elevator A) 1:22
23. I Dolci Inganni (Francesca Meets Enrico A) 0:49
24. I Dolci Inganni (Francesca Visits a Friend A) 2:21
25. I Dolci Inganni (Alone Again Alternate) 3:02
26. I Dolci Inganni (Love Scene at Night A) 3:37
27. I Dolci Inganni (Love Scene at Night B ) 3:36
28. I Dolci Inganni (Return Trip to Rome A) 2:26
29. I Dolci Inganni (Rock'n'Roll - Radio Source) 1:32
30. I Dolci Inganni (Tornerai - Pianola Version) 2:24
31. I Dolci Inganni (Tornerai - Child's Voice) 1:15
32. I Dolci Inganni (Dancing by the River A) 2:54