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CD No: SAIMEL-3998980
Release Date: 2016/08/31
Format: 1CD

The story of the assassination of Trotsky and his murderer Ramon Mercader, constitute an attractive and interesting episode of the twentieth century, combining political intrigue thriller in a story that brings together espionage, betrayal and romance.
The soundtrack composed by Arnau Bataller (La herencia Valdemar, Ermessenda, Heroes, Vulcania), uses dark and dramatic colors needed for a web of intrigue, and moves in warmer and melodic tones, to approach the personality of the characters. The general approach to music is vital transformations of the protagonist, Ramon Mercader. We find passages with classical orchestration, with moments of tutti operatic and with melody alternating between piano, woodwinds and strings. Music evolve with the progression of history, proposing more complex sounds, adding the timbres of a guitar, diminishing the greatness of orchestration, undoing the clarity of melody and incorporating darker textures. Mercader doubts about his mission to move to the score that reflects his uncertainty, almost completely blurring the thematic elements that previously had, also losing sharpness and clarity sound of the string, which will undo and get dirty the emergence of the few notes of the initial theme that still remained. Arnau Bataller gets a varied and evocative score. --- from the label

Track List

01. The Chosen (3:56)
02. Training (2:50)
03. Under my orders (2:11)
04. Brooklyn (2:38)
05. Jaques Monard (1:34)
06. Spying (3:14)
07. Waiting (3:32)
08. Sylvia (1:36)
09. Arresting Communists (3:07)
10. Attacking the House (2:02)
11. I’m Proud of You (2:57)
12. They Come from Spain (2:42)
13. Nobody Knows You (3:11)
14. The Killing (3:55)
15. Reactions (3:48)
16. He Did It (4:18)
17. The End (2:48)
18. The Chosen suite (6:22)