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CD No: SAIMEL-3998975
Release Date: 2016/03/17
Format: 1CD

In 1979, Henri Verneuil directed and co-written, with Didier Decoin, ''I... Comme Icare''. Ennio Morricone returns to collaborate with director after films like ''The Guns of San Sebastian'', ''Le Clan Des Siciliens'', ''Gli Scassinatori'', ''Il Serpente'' or ''Peur Sur La Ville ''.
He composed a sober soundtrack for the film, which adds a melodic main theme, which has special presence harpsichord, with an elegant and distinguished sound. A second issue, subtitled significantly Hymme majestueux, brings to the film a transcendent reading. A third model musical, dramatic without easy melodies, serves as a counterpoint to the above. They included in it from rhythmic drums and bass inputs with almost dissonant notes of a muted trumpet, providing a more sinuous musical line, anticipating the outcome of the plot.
For this CD, it has been included full master, digitally remastered, with optimum sound quality and improved. --- from the label

Track List

01. La verite et le soleil (2:53)
02. Prelude a Icare (0:56)
03. Icare (4:00)
04. Recherche obstinee (3:35)
05. La verite et le soleil (2:09)
06. I comme Icare (Marche Allegre) (3:18)
07. I comme Icare (Hymme majestueux) (2:07)
08. La ville dans la nuit (2:17)
09. Sentimental (2:34)
10. Reflexion nocturne (Disparitions de temoins) (2:28)
11. Deux phares dans la nuit (1:15)
12. Icare (0:52)
13. Sentimental (Deuxieme partie) (1:56)
14. Reflexion nocturne (Autres disparitions) (2:19)
15. La verite et le soleil (3:06)
16. Reflexion nocturne (3:38)
17. Sentimental (Deuxieme partie) (1:06)
18. Prelude a Icare (Version film) (0:57)
19. I comme Icare (3:51)