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CD No: SAIMEL-3998972
Release Date: 2015/02/03
Format: 1CD

MUSARANAS is a hard story, where the thriller meet, gore, terror, claustrophobia …

These sensations provided a very clear idea about how Joan Valent was to be his work. Music determine much the final language of history that should, in addition to support and emphasize the horrors and tensions, be part of the style of the era, defining claustrophobia.

The composer takes references the 40s and 50s: Korngold, Tiomkin, Herrmann. Their classical imprint and orchestral agility, while its force is the patron of the composition, as the film has a large area where music is guiding the drama.

A great soundtrack, a precision work, as required by genre films, particularly those that combine thriller with terror. --- from the label

Track List

1. Creditos iniciales 2:16
2. Mi marido puede ayudarte 3:48
3. Yo confieso 2:35
4. Padre nuestro - Puede ayudarme 4:55
5. No te asustes 1:10
6. Escribiendo el diario 1:21
7. Conoce al nuevo inquilino 3:10
8. Quiero poder salir 2:17
9. Pareces una payasa 2:38
10. Esta enamorada de ti 1:27
11. Entrando en casa de Carlos 0:53
12. Carlos descubre a Montse 8:27
13. Mama 2:53
14. No sabes hacer nada 1:24
15. Tu hermana es un monstruo 3:06
16. Socorro 1:29
17. Te he estado esperando 4:57
18. Descubriendo la verdad 2:48
19. Las musaranas - Creditos finales 4:34