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CD No: SAIMEL-3998968
Release Date: 2014/10/03
Format: 1CD

Osvaldo Montes is an Argentinian full-time composer, producer, an award-winning and renowned artist on mainly the Hispanic and Canadian film industry started his carrier as musician in the Latin-American folklore in Argentine and Europe earlier 70’s with icons as Mercedes Sosa or Los Calchakis.

He started his career in Argentine and develops for more than 35 years, Osvaldo has scored more than 40 features, 30 TV series, several shorts and documentaries, theater pieces and concerts as Cinematango and Music in Images, featured since more than 10 years at several scenery's around the world among Europe, Canada and Latin America.

His more renowned and awarded soundtrack is “El lado oscuro del corazon / The Dark Side of Heart” of the icon film director Eliseo Subiela. His most recent work is an argentine feature “Omision” from a renowned film director Marcelo Paez, and an ambitious Documentary TV series about the life of one of the biggest drug Lord, Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha, produced by Fox.

His music is melodic, pleasant and full of nuances, written with a special sensitivity that makes it unique.

This is a soundtracks compilation with 22 tracks from 22 films, including “El lado oscuro del corazon / The Dark Side of Heart” and “El lado oscuro del corazon 2 / The Dark Side of Heart 2”, out of print many years ago and highly sought after by fans. --- from the label.

Track List

1. L’Amour 3:53
2. L’ Aube (The Dawn) 3:10
3. El Lado Oscuro del Corazon 3:32
4. Fred et Simone 3:57
5. Tema de Nene y Angel 2:52
6. Adagio Padres 3:07
7. Sin Amparo Final 4:31
8. Muerte de Evita 2:38
9. Omision 2:31
10. Tangaggio 3:46
11. Tema de lso Padres 3:09
12. Danza 2:34
13. El Tiempo 2:30
14. Sin Amparo 2:19
15. Perdido en Patagonia 2:03
16. Una Sombra Ya Pronto Seras 2:28
17. Discurso de Bolivar 4:36
18. La Rapsodia de Cachimba 6:30
19. Titulos de Final El Don 3:10
20. Regreso y Final 5:07
21. Las Aventuras de Dios 3:10
22. Angustia de Gus 2:59

Total Time: 74:32