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CD No: SAIMEL-3998967
Release Date: 2014/10/03
Format: 1CD

Directed in 1987 by the Hungarian filmmaker Pal Sandor, MISS ARIZONA is a melodrama inspired by true events starring a couple of cabaret artists during the convulsed interwar years.

For the music was not only necessary to compose a dramatic score, but also to find the handful of songs that stars would perform in the Arizona club. Armando Trovajoli chose to write new compositions, whose lyrics were further related to the story itself. Given the experience of Trovajoli in the genre of varieties, the musician readily resolved the challenge and composed half a dozen songs, performed by Hanna Schygulla herself in English. The songs worked very well in the story. The rest of the score composed by Armando Trovajoli is a little jewel, practically unknown and mistreated in attempting to shorten the film length. He was faithful to his sensibility and to his preference for the piano as a solo instrument.

As the Main theme, he adapted the melody of One Day in May in Budapest, converting it into a nostalgic leitmotiv, which acquires its greatest expression in the beautiful suite that opens up the disc, Accadde a Budapest and in the epilogue. Trovajoli also wrote sad and intimate parts, associated with the character of Sandor, alongside incidental music, dark and gloomy, used in the most dramatic moments of the story, which had to do with the Jewish persecution. Moreover, he expressly composed an innocent love theme with an orchestra and synthesizer for the brief romance of Andras. And another motif for the moment in which the main characters see their destiny improved thanks to the diamonds, in which, as a curiosity, Trovajoli wanted to wink at Mastroianni, recovering a part of the melody that he had composed seventeen years ago for another film starring him, ''Dramma della gelosia''.

Some tracks in the original master tapes had some imperfections which we tried to correct as best as possible during the mastering process in the way to offer the best possible listening. --- from the label.

Track List

01. Accadde a Budapest 5:45
02. Assassinio di un uomo onesto 1:59
03. A Little Daisy 2:06
04. Audizione di un guitto 1:51
05. In una stanza di un piccolo hotel 1:39
06. I Feel Like a Bore 2:26
07. Puo accadere soltanto in una favola 3:07
08. Incontrarsi e dirsi addio 3:00
09. One Day in May in Budapest 3:05
10. Diamonds 2:49
11. Accusa ad un delatore 3:30
12. Una breve storia d’amore 2:48
13. Miss Arizona (One Day in May in Budapest) 2:25
14. Tema per un suicidio 2:00
15. Loneliness 3:01
16. Shadow 3:13
17. Epilogo 4:32

Tracks 3, 6, 9, 10, 15 and 16
sung by Hanna Schygulla