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Label: SAE
CD No: SAE-CRS-022
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Format: 2CD

The charismatic swordsman-poet helps another woo the woman he loves in this straightforward version of the play. Starring Jose Ferrer (Academy Award winner), Mala Powers and William Prince. Directed by Michael Gordon. A Stanley Kramer filmization of Edmund Rostand's classic play. 1950.
The score to CYRANO DE BERGERAC was produced using acetates from the Tiomkin Collection at the University of Southern California Cinema and Television Library. Audio restoration and production was done at Chelsea Rialto Studios in Ellenville, NY. While considerable clean-up and restoration was done to the tracks, the condition of the discs was such that groove wear can still be heard in some cues. In addition to the complete score as it appears in the film, we’ve been able to include cues deleted from the final dub of the film as well as a diverting instrumental arrangement of Cyrano’s theme. The booklet and tray layout for CYRANO DE BERGERAC is by Jim Titus, who has provided another superb design. This latest release in the Tiomkin series would not be possible without the continued cooperation of Ms. Olivia Tiomkin Douglas. Limited 1500 copies.

Track List

Disc 1:

1. Main Title 1:55
2. King Of Clowns :36
3. The Servant Girl 5:34
4. Invitation 2:36
5. Dark Parisian Streets 4:25
6. The Pastry Shop 1:48
7. Cyrano’s Disappointment 3:22
8. Roxane’s Request 1:10
9. Entrance Of The Guards :25
10. The Cardinal’s Decree :32
11. No Thank You! 1:56
12. A New Recruit 2:56
13. Lover By Proxy 3:27
14. Lute Solo :39
15. Roxane’s Delight 2:04
16. A Challenge From Roxane 1:17
17. A Pair Of Suitors 10:56

Disc 2:

1. Diversion 2:23
2. The Cuckolded Count 8:06
3. A Last Letter 2:42
4. Roxane’s Arrival 5:02
5. Volunteer 6:45
6. There Could Be An Accident 3:10
7. Guitar Solo 1:18
8. Run Down 1:28
9. The Convent 7:53
10. Foully Murdered 5:04
11. Tango Cyrano 3:06
12. Tiomkin Directs The Orchestra 3:22