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CD No: SAE-CRS-021
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Format: 1CD

Two brothers, played by Kirk Douglas and Arthur Kennedy, who when we first meet them are bumming their way across the country to take possession of a diner that was sold to them bogusly. To earn some eating money, Kirk had gone the distance in a four round preliminary fight and came to the attention of fight manager Paul Stewart. Now dead broke, Douglas turns to Stewart who takes him on as a prize fighter, for real.

Douglas can't forget those days in the hobo jungle and is willing to do anything, use anybody to rise to the top of his profession. His role is a complex one, he's ruthless and tough, but he also has enough charm to fool the three women who enter his life, Ruth Roman, Marilyn Maxwell, and Lola Albright.

Nominated for seven Academy Awards including Douglas and Arthur Kennedy in the Supporting Actor category as Douglas's brother and conscience. Paul Stewart is every inch the wise professional fight manager who steps out of his league when Douglas gets into the big money in the fight game.

Moviegoer's who have ever seen Champion will never forget the primeval look on Kirk Douglas's face in the climatic fight scene in defense of his championship as he gets back up from the last of several knockdowns. Produced by Stanley Kramer. 1949.

The rousing Dimitri Tiomkin Academy Award nominated score was a huge help making this production a winner too!! Audio Production: Ray Faiola, Chelsa Rialto Studios, Jim Titus, Packaging design.

Track List

1. Main Title :46
2. Production Credits 1:19
3. The Story of Midge Kelly :18
4. Boxcar Beating :25
5. Riding in Style 1:20
6. Kansas City :22
7. Hit the Road 1:00
8. A Little More Respect for the Owners! 1:03
9. Elbow Grease 1:35
10. Shall We Get Wet? 4:20
11. Love on the Sly 2:07
12. Shotgun Wedding :43
13. Training Montage 1:59
14. A Tough Schedule :48
15. Climbing the Ladder 1:22
16. So This is New York :44
17. Supper Club :37
18. Kelly-Dunne Fight :29
19. Double-Cross :36
20. Connie Gets Worked Over :19
21. The Long Dark Hallway 1:40
22. No Way Out :24
23. A Sock to Remember :23
24. Newsreel / Martinis 1:30
25. Pitch from a New Manager 1:17
26. Connie Finds Emma 2:37
27. Dinner Party 2:37
28. Sculptor's Studio 1:56
29. Is There a Law That Says I Can't Grow Up? 1:49
30. Conne and Emma to Wed 1:16
31. Training Camp :48
32. I Don't Hate You Midge :54
33. Brother Vs. Brother :27
34. Force of the Champion :34
35. Delerium 1:00
36. Eulogy / End Title :44
37. End Cast :18