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CD No: SAE-CRS-018
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Format: 1CD

The score, by Russian composer Dimitri Tiomkin, has long been a favorite of film fans. “Do Not Forsake Me” was sung on the soundtrack by Tex Ritter and won an Academy Award, in addition to the thematic underscore.
HIGH NOON was an independent production, produced by Stanley Kramer and released through United Artists. Through the years, while the film has survived, the ancillary negative elements - including the optical soundtracks containing the original music recordings - have been lost. However, a complete set of score recordings was kept by the composer and it is these acetate discs that provided the audio materials used for this CD release. 32-page full color booklet featuring original artwork and production notes by film historian Rudy Behlmer.

HIGH NOON starred Gary Cooper, Grace Kelly, Katy Juardo, Thomas Mitchell and Lloyd Bridges and directed by Fred Zinnemann. The haunting vocal by Tex Ritter was recorded by dozens of artists but the original film version has never been released on record. A studio version that approximated the film recording was made by Ritter in England in 1952.

Track List

1. Main Title 2:45
2. Miller Gang Comes to Town 1:09
3. The Depot 2:47
4. They’ve Pardoned Frank Miller 2:52
5. Will and Amy Return to Town 0:45
6. About Frank Miller 3:18
7. Have You Forgotten What He Said? 0:45
8. Harve Gets an Idea 1:12
9. Harve’s Ultimatum 1:12
10. Helen’s Decision 1:26
11. Herb’s Ready 1:13
12. Kane Warns Helen 4:38
13. Kane Runs Into Ben Miller 0:36
14. Horse Laugh 1:47
15. Mrs. Fuller’s Clumsy Lie 0:11
16. Harve Confronts Helen 2:04
17. Seeking Help in Church 0:51
18. Pierce is Anxious 0:33
19. Better For You, Better For Us 0:28
20. Put That Thing Away 0:23
21. The Retired Marshal 1:23
22. They Don’t Care 1:57
23. Kane’s Women 2:02
24. Saloon 1:49
25. Stable Brawl 1:45
26. Nearly Train Time 3:16
27. Two Minutes to Twelve 1:32
28. Let’s Get Started 1:23
29. Miller Gang Hits Town 1:55
30. First Shots Fired 6:49
31. Frank Miller Shot/Finale 1:37
32. “Do Not Forsake Me” Demo recording 3:24
33. “Do Not Forsake Me” Rehearsal 1:56