2. DEMONS (Deluxe Gatefold Edition, Colored Vinyl)

DEMONS (Deluxe Gatefold Edition, Colored Vinyl)

Price(USD): $33.80

CD No: RBL048LP3
Release Date: 2019/10/18
Format: 1LP

Deluxe and definitive release of the Iconic Horror Film soundtrack firmed by Claudio Simonetti for the Horror/Gore movie Demons by Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava.

The lower tones as the main characters move through the dark theater give a distinctly ‘creepy’ air to the movie. A distinctly fightening melody characterizes the ‘transformation’ sequences as the 2nd prostitute slowly becomes a demon. The same melody appears throughout the film in different places.

Limited edition 666 copies with Gatefold cover + Poster + Metropol Ticket + Colored marble vinyl.

Please note for shipping purposes this counts as 5 discs

Release Date: 2019/10/18