2. DON JUAN 1973 (Vinyl)

DON JUAN 1973 (Vinyl)

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CD No: RBJE-2057
Release Date: 2021/03/19
Format: 1LP

With a new project called Don Juan 73, in which Magne met up with his old crony Roger Vadim again after the wreckage of the latter's low-key Hollywood escapade. The filmmaker's project with screenwriter Jean Cau was a rereading of the legend of Don Juan, now transformed as a female in the shape of Brigitte Bardot. Together, Magne and Bergman wrote several songs based on a fusion of cultures: an English rock voice (Mister Eye) over romantic melodies, all of it structured with themes that had a stoned atmosphere (Swedish Dream, for flute and orchestra), plus power-packed pieces that cast sidelong glances at Carl Orff.

*Non-Japan made disc.

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Track List

Side 01
1. Generique (From Don Juan 73)
2. Don Juan Et Le Coryphee (From Don Juan 73)
3. Intermission No.1 (From Don Juan 73)
4. Confession (From Don Juan 73)
5. Keep On Keepin’ On (From Don Juan 73)
6. Don’s Waltz (From Don Juan 73)

Side 02
7. Don Juan Par Mister Eye (From Don Juan 73)
8. In Days Of Yore (From Don Juan 73)
9. Swedish Dream (From Don Juan 73)
10. It Ain’t Right (From Don Juan 73)
11. Hell’s Angel Voice (From Don Juan 73)
12. Intermission No.2 (From Don Juan 73)
13. Burn ! (From Don Juan 73)