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CD No: RBCP-5787
Release Date: 2023/12/08
Format: 2CD

Sir David Attenborough presents Planet Earth III, a brand new Natural History series for BBC One and iPlayer. Journeying to the far reaches of our planet, this eight part series follows some of the world’s most amazing species, telling extraordinary stories that are dramatic, thrilling, funny and sometimes heart-breaking, but always full of hope.
Filmed over the course of nearly five years, the new series uses pioneering filmmaking technology to reveal the greatest wonders of life on earth. Lightweight drones, high-speed cameras and remotely operated deep-sea submersibles transport viewers to spectacular unseen landscapes, from remote jungle to scorching deserts, and from the darkest caves to the depths of the ocean.
“The drama and spectacle of our natural world deserves an epic score to match. Who better than Hans Zimmer and his collaborators? He’s a master at picking up on the personalities of our cast, and composing the perfect charismatic scores as the soundtrack to their lives”. ? Matt Brandon Series Producer
“Creating scores for any of the BBC's Natural History series is always an honour for me as there are no more epic stories than those occurring naturally every day in our own planet’s ecosystem”. ? Hans Zimmer
. (*Non-Japanese made disc)

Track List

Disc 1

1 Planet Earth III Suite

2 Southern Right Whale
3 Sea Angel - Sea Devil
4 Seal vs Shark
5 Garter Snake
6 Raine Island Turtles
7 Hurricanes
8 Archer Fish
9 Flamingos

10 Hang Son Doong
11 The Undergound
12 Monarch Butterflies
13 Arctic Wolves
14 Divide and Conquer
15 Seeds and Bulbs
16 Fire
17 Snow Leopard

18 Forests
19 Treehopper
20 Green Desert
21 Getting Old
22 Dhole
23 Uganda Chimps

24 The Okavango Delta
25 Holding Onto Love
26 Frog Eggs
27 Mugger Crocs
28 Goby Fish
29 Wild Dogs
30 Freshwater Canals
31 Indus River Dolphin

Disc 2

32 Sad Santiago
33 Frog Hunters
34 Looking for a Partner
35 Operation Eagle
36 Finding Meaning
37 Northern Bald Ibis
38 Climate Change
39 Fighting with Paper

40 Urban Rhino
41 Monocled Cobra
42 Locust Surges

43 Ocean Deep
44 Pearl Octopus
45 Mother Octopus
46 Horn Shark
47 Loggerhead
48 Hungry Sealions
49 Trapped Sealions

50 Deserts and Grasslands
51 Ostriches in the Namib
52 Bowerbirds
53 Sandstorms
54 Brave and Adaptable
55 Searching for Water
56 King of the Steppe
57 Zakouma Elephants
58 Maned Wolf