2. WINDBOUND (Vinyl)


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CD No: RBCP-5657
Release Date: 2021/12/10
Format: 1LP

A swiss army knife of an album, Zander Hulme's Windbound shifts effortlessly between beautiful, sweeping piano melodies, energetic calls to adventure, and the occasional throat singing for good measure.

Featuring watercolor inspired jacket and inner sleeve artwork by Jennifer A. Reuter, this release is a whirlwind of color packed into a single square foot. Presented in two variants, "Seashore" Blue Marble and "Cloudy Skies" White in Clear Marble.
(Imported/ *Non Japan made Vinyl)
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Track List

Side A

A1. Kara's Theme
A2. Ripples and Riptides
A3. The Lost and The Forgotten
A4. A Procession of Beasts
A5. Calm Waters & Rough Seas
A6. The Crossing
A7. An Exile's Lament

Side B

B8. Vechtdans
B9. Wrath of The Forsaken
B10. Isolation
B11. An Exile's Anguish
B12. The Final Gauntlet
B13. New Beginnings
B14. Reunion

All music composed and arranged by Zander Hulme.
Throat singing by Jacob Hills.
Electric guitar by Cameron Whelan.
Mastered for vinyl by Parker Abegg.
Cover art by Jennifer A. Reuter: www.jenareuter.com

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