2. SUPERCAR (Yellow colloured Vinyl/ 2LP)

SUPERCAR (Yellow colloured Vinyl/ 2LP)

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CD No: RBCP-5550
Release Date: 2020/07/17
Format: 2LP

2LP on Sherbet Lemon Vinyl. Barry Gray’s original Television score for Gerry Anderson's Supermarionation show.

Following from Four Feather Falls, Supercar was the second Gerry Anderson show to use the Supermarionation technique. Based on the Czech style of marionette puppetry, Supermarionation was Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s development of the technique to include synchronisation of puppet’s lip movements with pre-recorded dialogue.

Between 1961 and 1962, thirty-nine episodes were produced. Due to lack of funding and speed of production, Barry Gray had to produce music fast; he composed a series of ‘themes’ for locations, situation and characters. The main star of the show, the Super car, was given the heroic theme, whilst the rest of the score is at times whimsical and charming to support the dialogue and at others menacing when underlining the drama. The orchestra was comprised of forty instrumentalists and was conducted by Barry himself.

Barry Gray was amongst the first composers to use electronic instruments in music for television. One such instrument was the Ondes Martenot, used to produce otherworldly musical motifs and fragments and later to create electronic sound effects in his future score for Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons. Other shows he later used this instrument for include Doppelganger and Doctor Who films Dr Who and the Daleks and Daleks’ Invasion Earth 2150 AD.

On this album, the 20 themes featured create a coherent listening experience. They guide the listener through the music map of the show.
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Track List

1. Barry Gray?- Supercar Series One Main Titles
2. Barry Gray?- Full Boost Vertical
3. Barry Gray?- The Headhunters and Sargon
4. Barry Gray?- Whimsical Antics
5. Barry Gray?- Master Spy Theme / Pleasant Theme
6. Barry Gray?- What Goes Up
7. Barry Gray?- Supercar Series Two Main Titles
8. Barry Gray?- The Runaway Train
9. Barry Gray?- Precious Cargo
10. Barry Gray?- Zizi's Song
11. Barry Gray?- Super Stork
12. Barry Gray?- Hi-Jack

1. Barry Gray?- Calling Charlie Queen
2. Barry Gray?- The Beakette Danube
3. Barry Gray?- Space for Mitch
4. Barry Gray?- Jail Break
5. Barry Gray?- The Day Time Stood Still
6. Barry Gray?- City Lights
7. Barry Gray?- Gifted Gorilla
8. Barry Gray?- Supercar Extended Theme