2. Dos Brains Best of 2nd Season

Dos Brains Best of 2nd Season

Price(USD): $17.50

CD No: RBCP-3531
Release Date: 2024/04/24
Format: 1CD

This is the second compilation of an original Japanese project release by Dos Brains, a music production company that has established a strong presence in Hollywood!

Dos Brains is a music production house specializing in music and sound design for movie and video game trailers.

Based in Los Angeles, we launched in 2012 with two goals in mind: 1) Produce unique tracks and sfx that offer a departure from the traditional trailer music and 2) Bring together an amazing roster of composers from all over the world that can be part of our family and have a vested interested in our company.
The recent credits include "The Super Mario Bros. Movie", "Fast X", "John Wick 4", and many others.

Track List

01. Gymnopedie 1
02. Destiny
03. Bittersweet
04. Feel No Pain
05. Galaxy One
06. If I Could
07. Nova
08. The Last Stand
09. Titans
10. Noir
11. Highlife
12. Inflamed
13. Break Through The Silence
14. High Voltage
15. Trapped In Time
16. Today’s Just The Start
17. Mankind Down
18. Love Always Remains
19. We Will Never Fall
20. Eggman
21. Rise To Power
22. Superhero
23. Homeland
24. Fearless Spirit
25. Fallen Heroes
26. Theme Of Destiny
27. Return To Hope
28. The Elysium