2. Record Collector Series Beat & Lounge

Record Collector Series Beat & Lounge

Price(USD): $17.30

CD No: RBCP-3518
Release Date: 2023/12/20
Format: 1CD

[Japanese release!] Dos Brains, a long-established music production company that has handled trailers and commercial music for Hollywood blockbusters such as "Super Mario Brothers," "Fast X," and "John Wick 4" this year, is now ready to launch a new label. The label is called "Record Collector".

As the label name "Record Collector" suggests, the music is based on funk, soul, and disc elements from the 60's and 70's, but with a modern electro beat, and can be called neo-lounge music. It is a very exciting music that can be described as neo-lounge music. In addition to the continuous release of powerful trailer music, we are planning to release a series of works that music lovers will respond to and that will please "Record Collectors". Stay tuned!

Track List

01. Everybody Get On Down
02. Everything Is Everything
03. Hey Mister Drummer
04. There’s A Party In The House
05. Feels So Good
06. If You Want It, You Got It
07. Las Vegas Here We Come
08. Let It Ride
09. In The Heat Of The Night
10. Straight To The Top
11. Boogaloo Jazz
12. Grooving With Groove
13. Baby Come On Over
14. Bachelor In Motion
15. Cocktails For Three
16. Bossa Mania
17. Do The Jerky Baby
18. All Right Now
19. Angeline
20. Rock It, Mama!
21. Show Me What You Got
22. Take It Easy
23. Soul Jazz Theme
24. Standing At The Crossroads
25. Going Downtown Tonight
26. Too Hot To Handle
27. Do Your Thing
28. Be Whatcha Wanna Be